What We Do

Sports Field Renovation, Conversion or Optimization

Bush Turf draws from 25+ years of successful sports field design and construction to deliver results that exceed expectations. Whether we’re building your field from the ground up, converting your field to accommodate an entirely different sport, optimizing it, or simply returning your facility to its original condition, we build it well…and fast.

In fact, we specialize in rapid, during-season renovations to help maintain the playability of the field with limited downtime. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Rapid field renovation
  • Major field renovation
  • Turf renovation
  • Infield renovation
  • Laser and GPS grading
  • Turf grid installation to stabilize sand and/or soil
  • Sprigging bermuda grass
  • Drainage installation

Consulting and Field Design

Bush Turf utilizes state-of-the-art GPS guidance on dozers and box blades. Not only do we use standard GPS, but we also use Millimeter GPS to guide our equipment. The advanced capabilities of the millimeter GPS combine the advantages of laser with GPS into one versatile and accurate system that allows us to grade tighter tolerances with this advanced equipment.

In fact, Bush Turf is a rarity in the sports field construction industry in that we are currently using millimeter GPS to construct athletic fields to exact elevations specified.

Our equipment can be used to evaluate your field’s current playing surface by measuring surface elevations and creating contour maps. This technology gives us the ability to restore a field to its original design if it has been damaged or needs to be renovated. It also allows for accurate as-built drawings for future reference.


Artificial Turf Installation and Preparation

Bush Turf is also a leader in the construction of artificial turf sports fields, specializing in the installation of the drainage system and base preparation required for the artificial turf systems. We’ve also prepared and installed artificial turf in baseball and softball batting cages. We use state-of-art laser and GPS equipment to ensure the drainage system and the base is properly prepared and work with quality turf manufacturers to provide the best artificial turf sports field possible that meets your needs.


Sprigging and Turf Grid Installation

Bush Turf specializes in sprigging and installation of Turf Grids. We utilize a SprigMaster machine that evenly distributes and places the sprigs for optimal soil contact. This results in a high sprig survival rate and reduced grow-in time. We also specialize in the installation of Turf Grid fibers that help to stabilize sand and/or soil.

We can precisely install the Turf Grid fibers in the root zone to create a stable athletic field which benefits both the players and groundskeepers. The fibers can help to reduce the amount of wear on the field and can also help to improve drainage through the root zone.



  • Sports field design and construction
  • 3-D robotic (RTS) field mapping & grading (2mm accuracy)
  • Commercial irrigation, drainage, etc
  • Sprigging
  • Sports field drainage & irrigation
  • Natural & synthetic turf installation
  • Equestrian, riding and polo fields
  • Commercial landscaping
  • Hardscaping (pavers, bricks, stone etc)
  • Seeding; Erosion control
  • Wetland mitigation
  • Environmental restoration.
  • Sport-to-sport conversion
  • Event recovery and repairs
  • Topmaker field-stripping
  • Infield upgrades & clay work
  • Laser grading; Turf Grid installation
  • Aeration topdressing
  • Surface verification
  • Upgrades to optimize the field, making it stronger, better, fresher, newer or more technologically advanced
  • Speed/Deadlines adhered to and all meticulous standards and specifications met.
  • Consulting (surface verification, field safety analysis, field condition audits, post-construction audits, root zone analysis and design)